"Essential oils are completely natural products that can be used in many areas of life."

How should essential oils be used?

Essential oils are completely natural products that can be used in many areas of life. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. In addition, you can use essential oils in many areas such as cleaning, hand-face care, skin care, hair care and spiritual relaxation.

Personal care

Essential oils can be used for skin care, hair care, personal cleansing etc. Tea tree oil is widely used in the treatment of acne and is very effective. For hair care, you can use pine turpentine oil in your shampoo for dandruff problem.


Cleaning of kitchen utensils; You can benefit from its antibacterial feature by dropping a few drops of lemon oil into the cleaning water. By using essential oils in diffusers, you can eliminate bad odors in the home and office.


Oregano oil is used to treat upper respiratory tract such as colds, flu. Eucalyptus oil is an antiseptic for urinary and respiratory tract. Sage oil is used against menstrual pains and menopause problems. Rosemary oil is used as a relieving joint and muscle pain. For headache and migraine pain, peppermint oil is very effective when applied to the temples by massaging.

Spiritual Relaxation

Juniper oil is a spiritual cleaner. It helps to relieve mind confusion and fatigue.

Lavender oil with sedative effect is used in the problem of insomnia.

Rose oil is soothing and relaxing.


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