"The first active substance obtained from plants is morphine isolated from opium plant."

What is Phytotherapy?

Plants are one of the main sources since the existence of humanity.The artifacts left by all civilized nations in the last 5000 years of world history indicate that they use plants for the treatment of diseases.

The first active substance obtained from plants is morphine isolated from opium plant.It was followed by the isolation of quinine from the bark of calisaya in 1820, digitalin used in the treatment of heart failure from the leaves of foxglove (Digitalin) in 1868, and acetyl salicylic acid from the bark of willow in 1890.

Most of the drugs sold in pharmacies today are of plant origin or synthesized derivatives of compounds of plant origin.

In 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) accepted herbal medicines by defining plant-derived materials or products with therapeutic or other human health benefits which contain either raw or processed ingredients from one or more plants, or may be the precursor of any chemical-pharmaceutical synthesis.With the aim to prevent diseases and support the treatment of diseases, Phytotherapy is a scientific examination of applications using plants, that scientifically proven medicinal effect,and plant parts which have active substances

and natural products obtained through a process (tablets, capsules…) and standardized pharmaceutical forms prepared therefrom. 


How is phytotherapy treatment performed?

There is no specific drug for everyone in phytotherapy treatment.Every patient who comes to the treatment process is prescribed completely natural products such as special examinations, diet lists and lotions.The important thing in phytotherapy is both to find a solution to the disease and to turn the body back to the self healing process with the regular and healthy nutrition of the patient.


Plants are effective in the body through its active ingredients.Direct use of plants leads to taken active ingredients in low doses and since plants contain more than one component, it causes the ingestion of harmful components as well as beneficial ones.It is advantageous that plants to be processed and converted into suitable forms (tablets, capsules, etc.) to adjust the dosage of the active substance and to make the  content standard.

The right plant needs to be collected at the right time, using the right part, drying and processing under appropriate conditions, making the final product by the right method and using it in the appropriate amount.

Who is suitable for phytotherapy?


Since prescriptions given are special for every person, an effective result can be obtained in all age groups.Can be used by anyone from 7 to 70.

Are there side effects of phytotherapy?

Plants can have side effects too just as the drugs we useHowever, if the treatment is prepared by a specialist, side effects are seen rarely.In general,it can be said that it is safe and healthy.

In herbal products to be used; quality, reliability, efficiency and standardization requirements must be fulfilled.


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