Our Philosophy and Values

Our Philosophy and Values

Our Philosophy 

"Talya's Philosophy of I Love Myself"

Never stop loving yourself! 

Loving yourself is your responsibility to all the people who give birth to you and keep you alive. It's your priority to everyone who loves you. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Loving yourself means living life in the best way. It means embracing life and everything in it.

To love yourself is to take good care of your body and soul. Your body is the tree of your soul. If you grow it well, it will offer you the fruits of happiness, vitality and kindness.

The one who doesn't loves itself, cannot love anyone else.



Our Values

"Work passionately, be accessible, develop and use expertise, make effective products."


Talya is passionate to be beneficial to people with its expert and young team. Every year Talya conducts numerous research about phytotherapy and develops tens of products. All this is to find ways to make people live longer and healthier. Beside all studies and researches, Talya works hard to access world's most effective and beneficial plants for human health.


Talya tries to make its products easily accessible for the benefit of humanity. For this, 20,000 pharmacies in Turkey, in the natural product stores, national retail chains (Migros, Macro Center, Özdilek, etc.) and online sales channels, you can find Talya product. For more people to benefit, Talya price policy is to be accessible.


Talya specializes in plant science. To continuously develop this expertise; Talya Science Committee and Talya Phytotherapy R & D Lab continue their studies in cooperation with national and international universities. In this way, the most reliable products for the benefit of humanity are offered with conscious use recommendations.


Talya is well aware of the interactions of products and the benefits of internal and external use. Talya Aromatherapy Line is prepared with various plants mixes to provide the most effective benefit. Talya Synergy Line products provide the synergistic benefit of internal and external use. In this way, people benefit from plants for the most effective way. Plants are the most natural and effective form in Talya products.


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